Tomaso Marcolla


Poster 1 – Title: Africa 2011

Artist /Artista / Trentino, Italy.

During the last years, the artist has focused on “Realism” with particular accent on the figurative aspect, characterized by particular images, as for example faces or hands at work.  Since the 1990s Marcolla has been using the digital art, he has come in contact with thanks to his job in the graphic field. Marcolla is internationally recognized for his “Vignette”, a mixture of photography and computer graphic. The artist has undertaken a conceptual evolution towards the new communication tools and new techniques of digital elaboration.

Topic: North Africa have rebelled

Tema: África del Norte se revela.

Tomaso says: “North Africa is changing. In 2011 many states of North Africa have rebelled against the regime that oppressed them. Governors should not forget the demands of the people, must govern democratically.”

Tomaso nos dice: “El norte de África está cambiando. En el 2011 muchos estados del norte de África se han rebelado contra el régimen que los oprimían.  Los Gobernantes no deben olvidar las demandas de la gente, tienen que gobernar democráticamente.”


Poster 2 – Title: Welcome

Topic:  Immigrants

Tema: Inmigrantes.

Tomaso says: “Our welcoming of foreigners is not always pretty. Let us not forget that we, our parents or our grandparents were immigrants in other countries. We welcome people with humanity that are looking for a place to live.”

Tomaso nos dice: “Nuestra bienvenida a los extranjeros no es siempre tan bonita. No olvidemos que nosotros, nuestros padres o nuestros abuelos fueron inmigrantes en otros países. Damos la bienvenida a la gente con la humanidad que están buscando en un lugar para vivir.”


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