Richard Doubleday

BFA, Massachusetts College of Art; MFA, Boston University, Dean’s Scholar. Richard also teaches in the London Liberal Arts Program.

Marlena Buczek Smith


Topic: Prisoner of War (Protest)

Tema: Prisionero de guerra (Protesta)

Marlena says:


What becomes of us
when the elevated truth
passes through our dark clouded selfWhen I can breathe the enemy’s blood
dripping from my flesh Prisoner of War—
Do I stay still or fight back?

Taber Calderon

Diseñador Gráfico /Graphic Designer.

Poster Topic: Corporate Abuse and Crime Must be Punished.

Tema: El abuso y crimen corporativo debe ser castigado.

Tien Le

Professional software developer with a background in art, design, and illustration.

Topic – Title: Bandages Needed

Tema – Titulo: Vendajes necesarios.

Tien Le says: “The concept for my poster is refocus attention back on Haiti, since the 2010 earthquake and past disasters.  Haiti is ongoing issue that the media has ignored or has forgotten. “
Second poster:
Topic: First Aid Required
Tema: Primeros auxilios requeridos.
Tien Le says: “The concept for the second poster is also to refocus attention back on Haiti 2010 earthquake. The “t” in Haiti emphasizes the ongoing emergency and financial aid that Haiti needs to recover and rebuild.”


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